Adrian photo

Adrian was born and raised in Granger, Utah. He is the youngest of 9 children. Growing up he was interested in a lot of different things, art, photography and sports. In high school he took a drawing class and enjoyed it. He especially enjoyed sketching people and was always drawing tennis players. He also excelled in the sport of tennis, later teaching at various levels. His older brother and sister are both excellent artists and from time to time he would watch them paint. When he was in his mid twenties he decided to give oil painting a try. He borrowed some of his brother’s paints and slopped through his first oil painting (tennis players of course). He enjoyed the experience and bought his own oils. His next painting was of tennis great Bjorn Borg on a 18″x24″ canvas (quite an undertaking for a novice). He again enjoyed the experience and even entered it in the Utah State Fair. To his surprise it garnered 4th place in the amateur division. This spurred him on to try another and this time he chose Jimmy Connors as his subject (notice a pattern?). Not too long after he finished he met his future wife. They were married in 1991 and Adrian only did one more painting, this one of their cat (finally a departure from the tennis theme). That was the last painting he did for 20 some years. In the meantime Adrian and Jennifer added a daughter named Emma to their family. In 2011 Adrian started painting again and at the advice from his sister he started using acrylics instead of oils. He had been doing art for friends and family for four years until he discovered Art At The Main gallery in Salt Lake City, Utah. Adrian now has a broader outlet for his paintings and has a more diverse range of subjects.